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Reebok is debuting the Liquid Floatride Run shoe made using the same technology it introduced two years ago which essentially works using a 3D drawing process. The shoe is designed for distance running, cardio workouts, and comfort.

If you’re looking for a new pair of running shoes and can afford to pay $180, you may be interested in the latest 3D printed shoe from athletic footwear and apparel company, Reebok.

Two years ago, the company launched its Liquid Factory. This is its 3D printing factory in Rhode Island which uses 3D printing to manufacturing shoes rather than molds.

The latest shoe from Reebok’s Liquid Factory is the Liquid Floatride Run running shoe. The shoe mixes the company’s existing and popular Floatride Run sneaker with the Liquid Factory 3D printing technology.

It has both liquid elements and “Flexweave” material to make it comfortable to wear. Reebok explains that Flexweave Technology involves an innovative figure eight woven structure – this is used for the upper of the shoe.

“Last year we launched the Liquid Factory concept with the Liquid Speed shoe. It was definitely a striking silhouette, as we aimed to showcase the way that the 3D drawing process could change the way shoes are made… What we’re excited to highlight with Liquid Floatride is how we can apply the Liquid Factory process to any of our existing products, to make great shoes even better,” explains Bill McInnis, Head of Reebok Future.

Improving on the Original Floatride Run with 3D Printing

The improved shoe is 20% lighter than the original and has a few new features including liquid laces. This means the laces are 3D printed directly onto the shoe solving the problem of having to pause your run to re-tie your laces. If you’re an early morning runner, there’s no excuse to be lazy as the shoes slip right onto your feet and are held in place at key pressure points.

Another feature of the shoe is the liquid grip. This is a 3D printed aspect which helps to improve traction. It involves 3D printed stripes at the bottom of the shoe in the places where they’re needed. This also helps to reduce weight thanks to the use of liquid.

However, there are a few features which remain the same. For example, the Floatride cushioning midsole which is a reason the shoe is a popular choice amongst runners.

“The next generation of Liquid Factory products will be even more innovative, as we can create the entire shoe using the Liquid Factory process – outsole, cushioning and upper fit systems – the whole shoe. We are looking forward to bringing many more products to market that incorporate the ground-breaking Liquid Factory process,” McInnis added.

If you’re interested in buying the Liquid Floatride Run, a pair costs $180 – make sure to visit the Reebok website soon. The shoe is limited edition, so snatch it up while you can.

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