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Reebok Launches 3D Printed Shoe Called the Liquid Floatride Run

Reebok is debuting the Liquid Floatride Run shoe made using the same technology it introduced two years ago which essentially works using a 3D drawing process. The shoe is designed for distance running, cardio workouts, and comfort. If you’re looking for a new pair of running shoes and can afford to pay $180, you may be interested in the latest 3D […]

Researchers 3D Print Functional Robotic Prosthetic Hand at a Fraction of the Cost

Researchers from the University of Manchester have developed an extremely affordable 3D printed robotic prosthetic hand. The assistive device enables groundbreaking functionality for amputees, and can be fully customized for the user via an Android app. A team of designers from the University of Manchester have recently created a robotic hand prosthetic with 3D printing technology. The development could potentially slash […]

3D Printed Custom Fit In-Ear Monitors on Kickstarter

Professional musicians and audiophiles may soon be able to benefit from custom-fit, 3D printed in-ear monitors, if this Kickstarter campaign by HW Audio is successful. HW Audio are a British company that specializes in making custom in-ear monitors for musicians and audiophiles. Now they’ve turned to Kickstarterto raise funds for a new range of customizable in-ear monitors that can be easily fabricated […]

First 3D Printed Chaiselongue at Milan Design Week 2018

At Milan Design Week 2018, you can find a collaborative exhibition from Philipp Aduatz and incremental3d which is showcasing the ‘Digital Chaiselongue’ prototype made using 3D printed concrete. This year’s Milan Design Week, taking place between the 17th and 22nd of April will see impressive 3D printed projects including a 3D printed housedesigned by famed Italian Architect Massimiliano Locatelli. But, that’s not all […]

3D Printed Reefs May Offer Hope to Restore Dying Coral Reefs Worldwide

3D printing may provide a sustainable solution to the current crisis of coral reef death globally. Population growth and the environmental burden that accompanies it has taken a serious toll on the Australian Great Barrier Reef and many other coral reefs over the last few years. Rising temperatures across the reefs have led to coral bleaching and are devastating fish populations. […]

This 3D Printed Wearable Can Monitor Stomach Activity

Scientists at UC San Diego create a 3D printed wearable to monitor stomach activity throughout the day, replacing the need for invasive probes. A team of engineers and physicians at the University of Sand Diego have developed a wearable, non-invasive system to monitor electrical activity in the stomach over 24 hours. Essentially, it’s an electrocardiogram but for the gastro-intestinal (GI) tract. Applications […]

Prusa Multi Material 2.0 Upgrade Kit Enables 3D Printing with 5 Different Filaments

Prusa Research has just released the new Multi Material 2.0 upgrade kit for the popular Prusa i3 MK3 and MK2.5 3D printers, allowing users to print with up to five different materials simultaneously.   Based out of the historically grand city of Prague, Prusa Research has become the darling of the 3D printing community, namely for championing open source and relentlessly innovating upon […]

YouTuber Creates a Giant Classic LEGO Bulldozer Kit from 1979

During work hours, Matt Denton is director of visual effects company Micromagic Systems – known for stunning Harry Potter and Star Wars effects. In his spare time, he publishes videos on his YouTube channel Mantis Hacks. But, as a maker, he’s not content with leaving it at that – instead, he 3D prints Lego kits and makes them much bigger. He then […]